DARDEN is comprised of Selah, on the violin; Clarah, the guitarist; Havi on mandolin, and Tabbi, the bassist. 
All four are vocalists in the group, focusing on harmonies and musical blends.  

Raised on the California Coast in a family of musicians, the girls grew up surrounded by musical influences from almost every genre. In the early 2000's, their parents piled them into an RV, and together they embarked on several singing tours around the U.S., traveling as far east as Ohio. Originally their vocals were backed by their Grandpa Joe Tatar on honky-tonk style piano, but eventually, each girl decided on an instrument, and when the Darden family came off the road in 2008, the four sisters began to hone in on forming their own musical entity. 

Everyone is a songwriter in the group, now playing several instruments each. Since coming off the road, they have developed a sound which is their own unique spin on all the music they grew up on. Leaning towards an Alternative, Modern Americana feel, DARDEN presents an experience of crystal clear harmonies, angelic melodies, and modern versions of classic songs and styles.

The band currently resides in Orange County and they can be seen frequently performing around Fullerton and Southern California.  

 "Music has always been our first love, and our goal is to share that love with as many people as possible!"


Selah, Clarah, Havi, and Tabbi